About Us

Alta Alps Chalet is nestled in a high mountain environment. If you have heart problems, asthma, or other conditions affected by a high altitude, you will want to consider those factors before booking a rental at the Alps.​

The cabin has limited access, and is for the dedicated skier. You will find some relatively easy ski runs around the cabin. However, general skiing knowledge is recommended. Alta Ski resort does not allow snowboarding on their terrain. If you have snowboarders in your party they can board at Snowbird, which is 1 mile (by bus) down the mountain. 

The snow cat service will provide access to the cabin on arrival date and departure date and one additional round trip during a week-long stay. Please plan to ski in and out during the week as snow cat and snowmobile services may not be available. 

Weather is always an uncontrollable factor in any environment. Severe storms may limit accessibility to the Alps. In white-out conditions, for example, it may be neither advisable nor possible to get into or out of the Alps. These storms can be beautiful, but always better to watch from indoors. During “Interlodge” periods (applicable to the entire town of Alta) local authorities will require you to stay in your cabin. These avalanche control periods typically occur early in the morning or overnight. Alta Alps Chalet is not in a high risk avalanche area, but many such areas are visible from the Alps.

There are various sledding and play areas for smaller children immediately around the chalet. Alta Lift Company has an extensive program for day care and children’s ski instruction at the Albion Day Lodge.
The bottom line: If your idea of an amazing vacation is the best ski location in the heart of the mountain, this is your place. If intense nightlife is your thing, then there are better facilities available in the canyon or down in Salt Lake.

** We recommend that you purchase a multi-day pass at the Alta lift ticket office so that you will have your passes at the cabin. That way you will be able to ski straight to the upper lifts in the morning instead of skiing to the bottom to purchase tickets first. You can also purchase your next day ticket late in the afternoon to be the first on the upper slopes.

You are responsible for your transportation to the Alta Resort. We will provide a snow cat to transport you from the upper parking lot to the Chalet with all of your gear, etc.

The town of Alta will close the mountain and the roads if there is avalanche danger. We are not responsible for late arrivals or late departures due to road closures/conditions or any act of nature that is out of our control. If your plane is late and you arrive at a time other than previously arranged, you may have to find temporary accommodations in the Salt Lake valley for one night before coming to the Alps. We will do all that is in our ability to help you. Please note that any arrival after the designated pick up time and/or after 10pm will be subject to additional pick-up fees.

For Reservations Call: 650-315-8364